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Value yourself

Our emotions probably influence the quality of our lives and the state of our fortunes more than any other factor. Recognizing this puts the responsibility for our lives firmly on our own shoulders (or in our own hearts), but that's better than feeling we're merely pawns of fate.

Look at the extremes of love and fear. When we love, we're bright, hopeful, energetic, powerful. When we fear, we're low, unresponsive, unsure and vulnerable. Love invites other people into our lives, it strengthens relationships, it enables us to proceed past the limits of old comfort zones. Fear immobilizes us. It makes us self-protective, shy, and unwilling to take chances.

Love doesn't happen merely by wishing, any more than fear evaporates with a wish. But through our thoughts and actions we can increase the love we feel for ourselves and others, just as with thought and action we can face and eliminate our fears. In both instances, we must begin with a decision, and then create the inner vision of what life can be if we radiate love and eradicate fear.

Interestingly, the more we love, the less we fear and the less we fear the more we're free to love. So look beyond the emotion and create the result you want.

To choose love (rather than fear) as the defining power of our lives, it helps to first acknowledge and then believe that we have value. With that inner power, we can generate love in every situation and radiate love to all we encounter.

Look at the world with wonder and at yourself with warmth

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