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Hi, I'm Kathy, and I would like to help you become a more powerful creator of your own life.


I love the roller-coaster of life. While the plunges into the depths have been scary, I have come to relish each climb back to a peak.My descents have always opened gates to insight and prodded me to important personal growth.


  • From my efforts to save a troubled marriage, I discovered happiness comes from within. During my effort to end my marriage, I gained self-knowledge and inner peace.

  • From a bicycling accident that put me in intensive care with a concussion and required surgery to repair my face, I gained deep empathy for the misfortunes of others. Because I was uninsured, paying off the resulting medical bills helped me release long-held fears regarding money.

  • From a mountain of failed manuscripts, I learned to write fiction. I sold four novels of my own and have shared my knowledge with others. In addition to teaching classes and delivering workshops across the U.S, I published the A Novel Approach newsletter for three years. About 80% of my students who completed their novel have become published, and many are now building solid careers as novelists.


  • From living with my aging parents during my father’s decline into Alzheimer’s disease and eventual death, I learned the joys that come from accepting what cannot be changed.


I am the oldest of nine siblings, the mother of two grown children, grandmother of two delightful little boys, and an avid hiker. After both my children had graduated from college, I returned to the university and earned a B.A. in Anthropology. I graduated from International Coaching Academy in 2006 and have a CPC certification.


As an enthusiastic participant in life, I focus on results and continue to study the contributing factors. I believe that by understanding cause-and-effect, happy results can be replicated and undesirable results can be avoided. To coaching, I bring clarity, wisdom, enthusiasm and passion. To my clients, I give unconditional acceptance and encouragement.



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