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Your Inner Power

You express your power with three different forms of energy: Emotions, Thoughts, and  Actions. The following charts provide an easy way to evaluate the Mode of Power you're operating from in any given situation. Emotional Energy infuses all thoughts and every action. Being the Creator focuses on the power of emotions.

A Look at the Model

This simple diagram illustrates how the energy of emotions influence personal power.

The emotions listed on the right side of the diagram are a sampling of the various modes. For a more complete List of Emotions, scroll down. Click here for a downloadable PDF. (Also includes Actions List and Story Questions.)

The labels on the left side of the diagram are meant to help you understand how the emotions you experience affect your life.

Down the center of the diagram represent your perceptions of life when you are functions in the different modes.

It's important to recognize that personal power varies by events and circumstances, and depending on the situation you can be in several modes at the same time. For instance, you can be a Creator at work, an Observer while driving down the highway, and slip into Victim mode while watching the news.



  • In Victim Mode you give up your personal power and the action itself takes over.

  • In Interpreter Mode you produce struggle and difficulty for yourself and others.

  • In Observer Mode you are neutral and create calm.

  • In Partner Mode you ally with others (and yourself) to create positive results.

  • In Creator Mode you make miracles.


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