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Guidelines for Book Group Discussions

The goal of The Miracle Factor Book of the Month Club is to help participants achieve higher levels of self-awareness and increased enlightenment.


The purpose of these discussion groups is to reinforce the concepts in the books through the exchange of ideas.


During the first meeting:

  1. Determine how many essays a week your group wants to read and practice. This could be one a day or several a week.

  2. Decide whether you want a single group discussion leader or you want to share this responsibility among group members. It is recommended (but not essential) to have someone assigned to bring the group to order, to guide the discussion back to the main point when necessary, and to bring the discussion to a satisfying close.

  3. Set some ground rules for your group based upon the following general principles:


  • All members of the group have a chance to speak, expressing their own ideas and feelings freely, and to pursue and finish out their thoughts.

  • All members of the group can hear others’ ideas and feelings stated openly

  • Group members can safely test out ideas that are not yet fully formed

  • Group members can receive and respond to respectful but honest and constructive feedback. Feedback could be positive, negative, or merely clarifying or correcting factual questions or errors, but is in all cases delivered respectfully.

  • A variety of points of view are put forward and discussed

  • The discussion is not dominated by any one person

  • Arguments, while they may be spirited, are based on the content of ideas and opinions, not on personalities

  • Even in disagreement, there’s an understanding that the group is working together to further each individual's personal growth.

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