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You Possess the Creative Power of The Universe

The full extent of your inner power resides within you, waiting to be discovered. You won't need a miracle to access it; that requires a little work on your part. When you do master your inner power, you begin to make miracles .


As a way to more fully access the material presented in this book, I have created a n accompanying workbook. The workbook contains 2-6 worksheets for each section of the actual book and have been created in a fillable PDA format. You will be able to fill them out direction on your computer and save your work. Or you can print them out as needed.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 102342.png

To support the philosophy and material presented in these books, I have created a new website. Features of the new site include a weekly newsletter, free wisdom messages, free recorded classes, a series of short Brain Training audios, and invitations to participate in new offerings.

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